Welcome to Kvits!

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No more Waits to ask for a check.

No more Waits to get a check.

No more Waits for a change or a credit card back.


We treasure your time!

Kvits is the payment platform and an app that let’s you pay your restaurant bill fast simply by using your smart device such as your phone or a tablet. Now you can be out to your next destination avoiding the frustration of 3 Waits.

Pay in full with a couple of taps on your mobile device and continue your life journey.

You are with a group of friends, colleagues or family? Split the check evenly or pay for your own meal by selecting your items on the screen.

Tips? Yep! Please be generous.


Drink, eat and toast to life with Kvits!

The wait is over. Kvits is customizable payment platform that can be linked to restaurants’ POS system and operates transactions in real time. Download the app and you are ready to go.

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Don’t forget, with Kvits tables get turned much faster and your time on the “players’ bench” will be reduced significantly.