Kvits is a payment platform app where patrons can pay their bills at restaurants, bars, cafes and more, all without waiting for a server. With Kvits you can split your bill among other guests, add a tip and even rate the service you received.

Using Kvits not only makes paying your check easier, it significantly reduces the wait time for a table. Patrons spend less time waiting for their check to be dropped off, picked up, swiped, brought back and signed. This translates to less unnecessary waiting, quicker table turns and a more enjoyable dining experience.

Our free app integrates with the restaurants' POS system and processes transactions in real time. When ready to pay, customers simply open the app and enter their table's unique ID. The order appears on the screen and displays various payment options. Payment methods accepted include major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Gift Cards and more

  • No waiting to call for a server to ask for a check.
  • No waiting for a server to bring a check.
  • No waiting for a server to bring a change or a credit card back.
  • You will be out to your next destination faster.
  • Free downloadable app.
  • Simple, easy to download and use.
  • Significantly reduces the waiting time to get seated.
  • Split the bill among other guests or pay all by yourself. Choice is all yours!
  • Rate the service and leave the comments.
  • Various payments options with only one app.

It's Friday night and you've just finished an amazing dinner with friends. Filled with contentment and good food, you're ready to pay your check and leave. A few minutes pass and you realize the server is nowhere in sight. As frustration over the wait increases, that feeling of happiness begins to dissipate. Your great meal has been punctuated by painfully slow service and impatience.

Kvits Founder and CEO - Denis Timchuk created an app after having a very similar experience. He saw the need for a simpler way to pay at restaurants. Something that enables customers to pay the minute they are ready to go and supports features like splitting the check and leaving a tip. As a successful entrepreneur with years of international marketing experience, he knew he could fulfill the market's need for this service.

Mr. Timchuk formed a team of talented and innovative minds to bring this idea to life. Working together, they studied each step of the payment process and noted areas in need of improvement. The team used these findings to create Kvits, the ideal solution to various flaws in the current payment process.